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From left to right: Eduardo Belda, Juan José Sanz, Santiago Merino, 

Juan Antonio Fargallo, Diego Gil, Juan Carlos Senar, Ismael Galván and Emilio Barba.

Global change (i.e. environmental changes caused by human activities as habitat fragmentation and loss, or climate change) is promoting large negative impacts on biodiversity. The consequences of this biodiversity loss are not only moral or ethical, but also affect human health and wellness. Thus, identifying and understanding proximate and ultimate causes, and mitigate these impacts should be a priority. Two approaches allowing the identification of the impacts of global change are long-term population monitoring and the performance of field experiments. We aim to apply these two approaches within the present project, using hole-nesting birds, which easily use nestboxes for breeding, as model species.

Our main target is determining whether the interaction between sexual selection and demography in different environments might give rise to local adaptations (divergent selection) in species with similar ecological needs. If sexual selection acts along with natural selection favouring particular phenotipic or genetic traits which increase offspring fitness, then sexual selection might accelerate the adaptation of the species to novel environmental conditions.

The Network includes 9 research groups, with long experience in the topics under study, belonging to prestigious Spanish universities and research institutions (University of Valencia, Polithecnic Univesrsity of Valencia, University of Granada, National Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Sciences of Barcelona, and Doñana Biological Station). It includes specialists on bird song, plumage coloration, immunity, parasitism, demography, reproduction, etc., working with different species in several representative Mediterranean habitats, which allows a multidisciplinar approach.

The main actions proposed are:

(1) To promote collaboration between research groups,

(2) To promote international leadership,

(3) To disseminate results to the public, and

(4) To promote the continuity of the network.


4ª Jornada Red Temática CRONOBIRD en Valencia, del 7 al 10 de Noviembre de 2017.
2017-10-29 20:05
3ª Jornada Red Temática CRONOBIRD en Barcelona 29 de Marzo de 2017.
2017-03-17 01:08
2ª Jornada Red Temática CRONOBIRD en Granada 27 de Marzo de 2017.
2017-03-09 12:40
1ª Jornada Red Temática CRONOBIRD en Valencia 15 de Febrero de 2017.
2017-02-03 17:39
6th International Eurasian Ornithology Congress (23 - 27 April 2018, University of Heidelberg, Germany) http://www.eurasianornithology.com
2016-12-29 09:01
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